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Not Just Another.. Beanie

Winter is on the doorstep. Head protection from extreme weather is a necessity… for how many weeks of the year, all depends on where you live and how often you travel to cold climates.

From another perspective, head attire can have nothing to do with protection, but more to do with a personal identity, statement or association. Celebrities known for wearing a beanie in the summertime include: Robert Pattinson, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Liam Hemsworth.

Here are some different ways you can wear a beanie, thanks to

  • Take a casual approach – team up with a pair or sneakers
  • Patterned beanie – Wear with block colour outfit
  • Work the tones – Compile your outfit on different tones of the one colour
  • Dress up your beanie – Wear with a tailored coat and Knee high boots
  • Off-duty model – Match with leather jacket, skinny pants, and sneakers.
  • Play with Texture – A fluffy beanie with a fluffy jacket.
  • Stripes – Beanies with stripes.

What are some other interesting facts about beanies:

  • There is a world record for the most beanies worn at once. One hundred beanies, by a man in New York, in 2016.
  • It’s believed that the first beanie dated back to the 12th and 13th centuries.
  • 1990s, the beanie increased in its attractiveness, becoming a favorite accessory for skaters and snowboarders

So we get that beanies have been around for a long time and are super popular, both in winter and summer. So how can you make a branded beanie work? There are lots of fun and cool things you can do with beanies: animal designs; full colour images, branding or messaging; ear warmers; visors; or even a pompom on top. It also comes down to your brand personality, message and the theme/event you are tapping into.

Lots of brands do caps and visors, so why not try something a little different. Beanies are a great way to tap into the millennial market; if you want to go for the grungy / anti-social movement; and also the adventure tourism market (involves exploration or travel to remote exotic areas) – a market which is expected to grow by 20% in the next 5 years.

Not just another…. Cap

5 tips to make a BIG impact at your next Conference or Event

Create impact at your next business event and ensure your organisation is remembered long after the conference or event has ended.

Events are the perfect opportunity to invest in branded apparel and promotional products for staff and customers. Promotional products are a necessity if you’re exhibiting at a conference or expo and you want to attract attention and also keep your company top of mind.

Over 37 million people attended more than 412,000 business events across Australia in 2013-14. These numbers have climbed in the years since, with meetings and conventions forming the largest component of the industry in terms of events, delegate numbers, expenditure and value add. With this in mind, it’s a good way to capitalise on your next business event, whether it be a conference or large scale trade show, with branded products and gifts that put you top of mind with potential clients and help develop strong business relationships and future opportunities.

5 things to consider before your event:

1. Have a clear objective or goal: What do you want to achieve with this event? Do you want to create exposure of a theme or simply your brand with attendees? Whatever your objective, consider having promotional items such as tote bags as they act as billboards with repeated exposure of your logo throughout the event and after.

2. Timing and Budget: A lot of the time you know exactly what you want, however, may settle for less as you run out of time. Once you have confirmation of the event date, use your promotional product consultant or let us know; what you want to achieve, your budget and you’ll be provided with a range of concepts to help you achieve your goals.  We have worked with a number of clients that have finalised everything for the event and when asked by management ‘What are we giving out?’ only have a week or two to turn around the perfect promotional product for the event … with limited and uninspiring options available in short lead times.

3. Remember Before, During and After: Don’t only think about handing out promotional products during an event. For an even better impact, you could consider promotions before and after the event as well.  Some ideas before the event might be an invitation with a creative product or a teaser to encourage the attendee to visit your stand and receive another gift.  You could reward those that attended your event with another item to remind them of your organisation and keep the enthusiasm going.

 4. Target Audience: The key to getting your branded products kept and taken back to the office or home, is to provide useful products that suit the target audience! It shows you have done your research and will ensure you stand out in an already crowded advertising arena with give-aways that make guests want to visit your stand to get the item.

5. Size Matters: If attendees have travelled interstate or internationally for the event ensure the product is suitable for travel. In this situation, sometimes smaller more thoughtful items can have more impact than larger items like water bottles that can take up too much space in carry-on luggage or breakable items such as glassware or coffee mugs.

For creative ideas to help you with your next meeting, conference, trade show or business event, we’re here to help.



Diana O’Cobhthaigh, is the owner of Turnkey Promotions, boutique agency specialising in promotional merchandise and product development. Turnkey Promotions provides a helpful and consultative experience that is tailored towards our clients’ Branding, Values and Vision. Diana and Turnkey Promotions are focused on a partnership that delivers precision in planning, quality products and timely delivery.

How to take advantage of wet weather branding opportunities

Take advantage of branding opportunities in wet weather! The Rain in Spain SYDNEY falls mainly on the plain… If you’re in Sydney, you are probably absolutely over the month of non-stop rain we’ve had. The commute to work is slower, kids’ sport has been cancelled, and you’ve watched Netflix’s entire library. It’s been dreary, however people don’t stop their entire lives because of the weather. All the rain we’ve had makes it easier to raise the profile of various gifts and branded gear your organisation can provide for use in the wet, or even if it’s just cold and damp.

There’s no such thing as bad weather …

Despite the rain, life goes on! The game of golf scheduled still goes ahead, most outdoor winter sports play in drizzling rain, and outdoor training sessions go ahead unless it’s bucketing – three reasons why branded wet weather gear is a solid investment. A quality rain garment is treasured in every household, while umbrellas and outdoor pop-up marquees are all useful practical items that will ensure your branding and message receives multiple impressions. Give your staff, clients, and customers an opportunity to be outside with the appropriate clothing and they will feel special and  rewarded whilst wearing it.

If you are looking at the apparel market, you’re in good company. In 2013, the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) noted that of the $1.55B of sales to end users, apparel is by far the biggest category, accounting for a third of sales. What’s also important to note is that 89% of consumers recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 24 months according to Innovative Marketing Consultants. Imagine having brand recall up two years after you’ve given a promotional product!

Promo Gift Tip: Customise and personalise as much as possible! The thought and effort into selecting a gift pays big dividends. If you can personalise a gift as much as possible, it gives the recipient a greater emotional connection.

Wet weather rain jackets – What to look for:

Turnkey Promotions Tsunami Rain Shell Jacket

Tsunami Rain Shell Jacket

A lot of time and innovation is invested these days in making technical apparel to perform appropriately in all types of weather conditions and outdoor activities. For the wet weather, the higher the waterproof rating, the more precipitation the fabric can block from crossing into the barrier, thus keeping you drier for longer, as well as featuring sealed seams, waterproof zippers and articulated hoods to provide you with maximum weather protection so you can remain warm, dry and comfortable all day long.

Some jackets available have been field-tested for performance in a wide range of climates and weather conditions.  For the wet weather jackets have 3 water resistance levels; basic water resistance jackets are showerproof and suitable for light rain /drizzle situations.  High resistance is the next waterproof level and then extreme resistance, which will keep out heavy rain if outdoors for a long time and still allowing the garments to remain breathable and keep sweat away from your body. If an outdoor activity will get your heart pumping faster, this is what you want.

Non breathable waterproof garments include the promotional style ponchos. Although they don’t breathe they will keep wearers dry if they are out in the rain.  There’s a variety of different quality ponchos available to showcase your branding and they are a great for outdoor events to allow you to show guests you’re keeping them in mind when menacing clouds arrive.


Turnkey Promotions Umbrellas wet weather branding opportunityWalk down any city street on a rainy day and you will notice that half of the umbrellas popping up are branded with a logo, while the other half are plain black! There’s nothing like an umbrella with your logo on it to reinforce your brand. Whether it’s for a golf game, going to the footy, or walking from the station to work, umbrellas are a tried and trusted means of getting your logo seen. Colours and logos can add some enthusiasm to an otherwise dreary day, so think about how you can use your logo against something other than a black background. It’s not just golf umbrellas that do the trick either, branded café and market umbrellas grab people’s attention at various outdoor locations, while marquees for that outdoor event will draw guests to you and are an absolute lifesaver when the heavens open.


Keep your gear safe and dry

Turnkey Promotions waterproof tote bags corporate giftsYou’ve managed to keep yourself dry underneath your umbrella wearing a waterproof jacket, but there’s nothing worse than realising your bag is completely soaked through … as are all the documents, electronics, contents contained within.  Rather than needing to pack the valuables into plastic bags before you venture outside, you can use a branded waterproof bag you received as a gift recently, to save the day.

There are a great range of waterproof bags that can keep your bag contents safe and dry.  Choose from different sized backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags and even protective laptop bags.



Diana O’Cobhthaigh, is the owner of Turnkey Promotions, boutique agency specialising in promotional merchandise and product development. Turnkey Promotions provides a helpful and consultative experience that is tailored towards our clients’ Branding, Values and Vision. Diana and Turnkey Promotions are focused on a partnership that delivers precision in planning, quality products and timely delivery.

Why winter sport promotional products are a no brainer!

Winter is coming: Prepare now for a winter sport promotional product campaign

Autumn is upon us and that means the winter sport season is just around the corner – exciting Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL and Soccer games are starting to grace our screens – which means now is the perfect time to prepare a winter sports promotional campaign.

Over 75% of people keep a promotional product because it is useful, therefore, tying your brand and logo with a suitable product for the upcoming winter season is ideal because sports apparel and equipment is highly sought after and very useful.

Footballs, netballs, basketballs – if it’s a sport played with a ball, then you can get your branding on it. Kids (and big kids) love a new footy or netball and will use it for years to come, thereby providing your brand with maximum exposure. Whether it’s for having a game of backyard footy, or passing a ball around the office on a Friday afternoon, custom sports balls will be used again and again and more importantly, seen.

Branded sports apparel is also very popular, not only for those participating in sport but also those supporting their favourite teams or cheering their kids on from the sideline every weekend.

Winter sports apparel = versatility

In the USA due to intense winter weather, suitable winter apparel is in the top five of favourite promotional products and 50% of people own promotional winter wear! Despite our more temperate climate, Australia has a large range of winter promotional clothing items as it is very versatile, is worn outside where it’s visible to more people and a good quality jacket or coat will be kept for a long time.

You may not be a part-owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs like Russell Crowe, but you can certainly use produce apparel from the same brand he did to produce a custom jacket for the Bunnies. Canadian based Stormtech’s range of apparel is available in Australia and they specialise in the latest technology in the apparel to suit all sorts of activities and climates.

Snow sport gear and apparel

The Australian snow season is also on the horizon and there are a number of different options that can make a big impact. Snowboards and ski gear are prized by frequent visitors to the snow – with the cost of such items just one reason why. A corporate gift targeting avid skiiers and snowboarders will ensure the branded gear gets used and your organisation is top of mind.



Diana O’Cobhthaigh, is the owner of Turnkey Promotions, boutique agency specialising in promotional merchandise and product development. Turnkey Promotions provides a helpful and consultative experience that is tailored towards our clients’ Branding, Values and Vision. Diana and Turnkey Promotions are focused on a partnership that delivers precision in planning, quality products and timely delivery.

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