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A Case History: StreetWork

StreetWork is a youth organisation. Their mission is to support vulnerable young people in the community to turn their lives around. Every part of what they do is a means of seeking an opportunity to give ‘at risk’ young people the same opportunities as their peers. The youth engagement in this particular campaign, right from the beginning, is demonstrative of this. 

The goal of this particular campaign was to increase their Instagram page followers – specific to the youth audience that are currently part of their community. The Instagram platform provided StreetWork a new way to engage youth. 

Instagram was chosen based on the current high and frequent usage behaviour amongst the youth community along with its appeal of having a low barrier to participate – that is, to follow the ‘StreetWork’ page and to receive updates via the Instagram feed, without having to actively look for the information. 

This goal is part of the wider organisation objectives – to increase event awareness and participation, provide education and create opportunities specific for the ‘youth audience’, so they can both individually and collectively, prosper from. 

In conjunction with growing StreetWork’s Instagram page followers, the brief consisted of strict budgetary, branding and product (useability, sustainability, and print specification) requirements. 

At the time of developing the brief, StreetWork did not foresee how instrumental this promotional campaign was in facilitating ‘youth engagement’. The brief that was provided to TurnKey Promotions was developed by the ‘youth community’. It was a campaign developed by them for them. This input upfront in the campaign helped drive ownership and performance through this group of people.

The promotional product, which was recommended by the ‘youth’ that they engaged in developing this campaign, was a water bottle. The water bottle was also chosen as it provided a good size physical object that was perceived to be more valuable and therefore less likely to be thrown out, in comparison with flyers and business cards – which was how they were connecting and encouraging the youth to sign-up to their social media pages. 

TurnKey Promotions, having received the brief, presented a range of water bottle options in regard to the end-user (the youth) lifestyle / use-ability and the clients budget requirements.

Through this campaign StreetWork were able to grow their Instagram page followers by 30%. In actual numbers this is 300 people or there abouts. Although these numbers may not seem so high, they are very significant for StreetWork. 

Firstly, the percentage increase demonstrates the opportunity the Instagram platform can provide to the StreetWork organisation. A low cost and reliable method of communication. A communication channel that the audience has demonstrated they are willing to connect with StreetWork on. The sensitivity (of publicly joining this group) and access, in regard to the Instagram platform was unknown. This campaign has confirmed that this is a favourable platform in comparison to Facebook campaigns that have been previously run.  

Secondly connecting with 300 of the youth community is a very big accomplishment. Taking one Youth through the StreetWork program transforms their lives and the people around them forever. It is significant, not only for them, but the wider community. To have access to 300 more people during their ‘youth’ life-stage, when their brain is still developing at a faster rate, is a large scale opportunity.

When you look at a return on investment, in relation to the cost per instagram follower – each water bottle cost $5.50 to produce and 250 bottles were ordered. That is an investment of $1,375. If you then consider the 300 instagram new followers, the acquisition cost per person is $4.58. 

The most compelling part of the project was continuing the social return on investment StreetWork produces. For every $1 invested, SteetWork has a $16 community return. (the average for non-for-profit is $4). This project investment of $1,375 in effect has resulted in a $22,000 community return which equates to 440 youth mentoring sessions (@ $50 per session).

Seven Reasons to Keep Your Blood Pumping this Season

With the shorter days and cooler nights it can be hard to stay motivated about our fitness. Warm blankets, hot chocolate and our favourite slippers create a “cuddle up” mentality – we snack more and our activity levels drop. Our spirit animal becomes the bear and it is easy to gravitate toward a state of hibernation. Here are seven reasons to get our blood pumping this winter and shift that spirit animal over to a Cheetah.

Cardiovascular Endurance:

To have an efficient circulatory system we need to build it up through endurance activities. This can be achieved simply by staying active every day. Regular physical routines like taking a walk to the park each morning have massive benefits to our health.

Healthy Immune System:

Regular exercise strengthens our immune system and in the winter months this can help prevent us from getting sick or catching the flu. When our blood is pumping white blood cells (that are part of our immune system) circulate more rapidly. This can help them detect illnesses earlier than they might have been able to before. It can also increase the speed at which our bodies flush out bacteria from lungs and airways.

Energy is Increased:

Exercise helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout our bodies which can help increase our energy levels. When muscles are not being used simple tasks like carrying grocery bags can become exhausting. Keeping active means that our muscles stay “switched on” and feelings of being tired or worn out are less likely to occur during the day.

Endorphins are Released:

It might sound strange but when we start exercising our brains interpret this as stress on our bodies. Our heart beats faster and the brain thinks we are in fight or flight mode. As a protection mechanism the brain releases a protein called BDNF which helps protect and repair our memory neurons. Our brain also releases endorphins, which is another chemical to fight stress.  The main purpose of endorphins is to minimise discomfort or pain and improve our mood.

Top Up on Sleep:

Daily physical activity can help us sleep better at night. As a bonus, studies have shown that those who exercise everyday sleep “deeper” feeling more rested and reset when they wake. Getting more sleep will help us wake up motivated and ready to take on the day.

Avoid Weight Gain:

One of the main reasons we exercise is to burn those calories. The best part about exercising is that we do not have to be spending hours each day in the gym. Keeping a consistent daily physical routine is all it takes. Consider a walk outdoors – make it a daily routine and remember the more time we spend being active the more calories we burn.


Keeping those calories in line, feeling healthy and the constant release of endorphins will have a noticeable impact on how happy we feel. Our confidence increases, self-esteem improves and with extra energy our moods follow suit and increase how happy we feel.

Ready to get active? Ready to help others get active? We have curated some popular fitness products to help promote great health and fitness this winter. Take a look here

Diana O’Cobhthaigh Awarded MAS Certification.

Diana O'Cobhthaigh
Turnkey Promotions Diana O’Cobhthaigh awarded MAS Certification from PPAI.

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), headquartered in the United States, has awarded their second Australian, Diana O’Cobhthaigh, with the industry coveted Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certification.

O’Cobhthaigh, a branded merchandise professional and owner of TurnKey Promotions operating out of Hunters Hill NSW, was formally certified with her MAS on 27th May 2020.  Reflecting on the experience she said, “This is a massive milestone in my career and for the industry in Australia.” Upon graduation only two professionals in Australia hold this designation, so it is indeed a massive achievement. A sentiment shared by Wesley Fawaz, CEO of the local association APPA, Australasian Promotional Products Association, stating “It is truly incredible to have another professional in our industry receive this certification. I hope this encourages others to follow and we congratulate Diana for all of her dedication and hard work.”

It is this level of dedication that has awarded O’Cobhthaigh a place among an elite few in the promotional industry. Individuals with MAS certification are regarded as industry leaders, and rightfully so as they have attained a higher standard of professionalism, knowledge and experience. The certification is acquired through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. It is more than education; it’s about understanding and implementing a higher level of doing business.

Finding a specialist in an industry is usually a bonus for most consumers. Imagine walking into a bakery to pickup a birthday cake, only to find out that the baker is a world renown cake creator. What seemed like a typical purchase has now become an experience and you may never look at cakes the same way again. The same rule applies in any industry and that is exactly what O’Cobhthaigh has done and will continue to do in the future. Raising the bar, showing her clients that they are not transactional but rather key partners in the industry she has chosen.

A perfect example of where the bar sits can be found in one of the integral parts of MAS certification. Recipients must go through a rigorous curriculum on safety and compliance where they are not only educated on regulations but challenged to adopt new procedures that incorporate them. This includes identifying hazards and ensuring products are safe for children, knowing what chemicals and metals are present in raw materials and the inks used to brand them, understanding safety measures in electronic devices, how to read test reports and the list goes on. MAS professionals don’t just react to what a brand needs, they protect and enhance it. O’Cobhthaigh confirms this has been her business model from day one stating, “I am in business for quality not quantity. I have a book of loyal clients and my goal is to provide the best level of service I can on every single project.”

O’Cobhthaigh is a leader in her industry and since receiving her certification has been actively recruiting peers into the MAS program. She is an incredible role model, helping to advance her industry, improve product safety and compliance, as well as promoting continued education.

Staying Connected in an Online World

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Join us as we explore ways to spark warmth and joy this winter, keep our minds and bodies active,  and play with new ideas to promote team spirit.

It’s true, Autumn is wrapping up and with daily time feeling so slow the seasons seem to have come and gone in a blink of an eye. The government is slowly allowing businesses to reopen, and while this is being phased in I imagine most of us will be spending this winter working from home. It’s time to wrap up in a comfy blanket, light a candle or two and enjoy warm cups of coffee and tea. We have a lot to be thankful for and plenty of things to look forward to.

Are you ready for the new business attire this winter? 2020 is going to be about classic fleece blazers, matching trackies and fashion forward accessories like Sherpa lined wraps, also referred to as blankets. For those of us who are integrators and familiar mixing our work and home spaces this is a dream come true. For everyone else, I dare you to live a little #TryTheTrackies.

Keeping spirts high is the goal and we need to remember that we are still incredibly connected to one another. Life may feel a little more planned at the moment, but a healthy injection of some unexpected flair is all it takes to mix things up.

When we look into day to day office life we can see innovation and sparks of creativity that develop from impromptu social interactions. Collaborations and ideas come to life quickly when a thought can turn into a comment and lead into a chat during something as simple as a coffee break. True fact, some of my best ideas have come from unscheduled meetings or catch ups where there was no pressure to “have an idea”. It’s the camaraderie of a team that creates this energy and it enters into the workplace outside of standard lines. We don’t plan to have side chats and personal moments at work but they happen and it creates our “work family”.

This can still happen! I know accountability is key and it is important to make sure everyone stays productive, but I also think it’s important to have fun, giggle, and share stories. Introduce a goofy idea, something as silly as an emoji sign. Your team can hold these up during virtual meetings to interact visually while being quietly ridiculous. After all, emjoi’s were created to express emotions and ideas. What about branded pajamas, embrace the jest of people working in pajamas and try doing it in branded wear! Smiles are hard to resist and the more you generate the higher the team spirit.

You can also try taking a standard morning ritual like pouring a cup of coffee and make it a team event. Create a care package with a branded mug or tumbler everyone can use (this is also a great visual reference during online meetings). Bring the team into the experience with a morning minute where you talk about what you’re drinking. Encourage the team to hold up their cups and discuss any new twists or tricks they’ve tried with their coffee. We can help get the ball rolling! Included with coffee item orders is a quick flip ebook for at home coffee hacks. It might sound funny, but that’s the idea!

Another popular trend (which I say because it sounds better than the truth) is at home fitness. Keeping up our health has never been more important and staying active has become a new challenge in our day to day lives.

At minimum our daily regime needs to include basic stretching to ensure we are balancing the activity changes with working from home. We’ve partnered with an incredible physiotherapy company, Healix Health, have put together an entire collection of at home physio guides to help keep up our bodies active. Healix works to create healthier, happier and safer workplaces working with transportation, aviation and government industries. They have given us exclusive access to a guide focused on simple stretches and at home exercises that anyone can perform to keep their neck and posture aligned.  Their guide also includes exercises with resistance bands and we’ve included a few of our favourites that can be custom branded. We’ll include this guide (can be customised with your brand and message) with any fitness item ordered.

View Product Catalogue Here

As always your team here at TurnKey Promotions is standing by and ready to help.

Connecting Your Brand to the Locals.

What’s new and whats different?

Are you looking for something unique? Full of character, personality and possibly a dash of charisma? Take a moment this month to invest 5 minutes into exploring what the local community is producing. Many of these businesses have defied the odds to keep their brands and product lines alive and they’ve found niches within their community worth our attention. As we unite to find the “new normal” it is important to remember that we are strongest together. Facing a global challenge we might feel like an itsy bitsy spider but let’s not forget the sun did eventually come out to dry up all the rain. Maybe we’ll start the next chapter with a better outlook and a deeper connection to the local communities we’re a part of. We believe so, and we’re keeping communication open. Whether you’re working on a project or need a moment of inspiration we’re here to help.

Points of difference define our experiences.

Many of the businesses producing Australian made products are small. Born from artists, dreamers and entrepreneurs who needed an avenue to express themselves. Sounding like a great place to find something different? Well you’re right. Big box companies live in a world of commodity, what’s trending now and how do I stock my shelves with it. Small businesses, and specifically those producing their own products don’t have this ability. “Go Big or Go Home” isn’t part of their business plan, and typically not why they got into business to begin with. Instead of thinking big, these businesses have to think differently, and this is truly the secret sauce to the beautiful products they produce. Points of difference are what define our experiences and the number one reason brands should be looking to connect with smaller locally produced product lines.

Enrich your brand’s story by connecting with the stories of the products you brand.

Guess how many plastic reusable cups are brought in and branded each year from overseas manufacturers? What happens when those products have reached their life span? If we’re lucky they are recycled, but often these products end up back in landfill because the manufacturing company that created the cup stopped caring the moment the boat sailed away. Now lets look at a local business producing the same type of product. Except this business is all about sustainability and accountability. Instead of writing off every product they create they have a presence in the community and take back any product, no questions asked, at any level of the life span and recycle the product right back into the next batch of cups. Pretty amazing right? We agree, and that’s why they’re in our new Made in Australia catalogue. Take a look at the Uppercups, some amazing products from a phenomenal source. The next time you need branded merchandise, take a moment and think about the story you’re connecting your brand to.

Putting Brands into the Hands of Students

View Student Life Catalogue Here

In the era of blogs, social media, and Stan, there isn’t really a centralised place for students to congregate, except on campuses. This creates a unique opportunity for advertisers and brands to target an audience of students. Ad placement can be an attractive option and is typically a quick and easy fix, but it can also be incredibly fragmented. While most students are caught up in socialising and thinking about their next class, are the ads even being seen?

This is where branded merchandise holds an excellent vantage point. Providing students with products they can use, both at home and at school, is the best way to create brand exposure within this audience. Students are operating on limited time and funding which makes them incredibly open to free assistance and support. Where one student might walk blindly past a wall banner for setting up a new bank account, that same student may stop to grab a kit of free pencils with the same information included inside. Getting your message into the hands of students isn’t’ hard, just make sure the message is quite literally “in their hands.”

This month we are exploring a perfect approach to student marketing and have constructed a catalogue full of amazing ideas. Mix and match colour options allow you to stay within branding guidelines or play into the colours of a school while showcasing items like coffee cups, water bottles and tumblers. Or look at public transport, which is often discounted or free to students, and explore branded RFID blocking merchandise designed to hold transport cards and student ID’s. We have also included top supply staples like pencil/pen pouches and notebooks which all students are in constant need of.

Looking to tap into the sustainability trend being fuelled by Gen Z? In October we launched “Eco-Living” which was a catalogue dedicated to eco-friendly merchandise available with custom branding. This is an excellent way to interact with students in 2020 and if you haven’t had a chance, take a quick browse through this catalogue by clicking here.

In short, when you’re looking to create school spirit, or highlight your brand amongst students, make sure you are putting that message into their hands. Three simple steps, show your support, give back and get noticed on campus.

Pet Branded Merchandise Catalogue

Exploring the Adorable Pet Demographic

Pet Branded Merchandise Catalogue
View Pet Catalogue Here

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) gathered reports and statistics for 2019 showing that approximately 61% of households in Australia own pets. This gave Australia one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world and calculated over 29 million pets in total. Amongst these amazing percentages it was calculated that the most common owned pet were dogs coming in at 40%.  Although the number of people owning pets may seem massive, it should come as no surprise when you consider the top four benefits of owning a pet as reported by owners. Relational benefits (love, affection and companionship), life being better in general, happiness, and the improvement in mental health and well-being. Pets become part of families and pull at our heart strings earning themselves a well-earned title of “Fur Babies”.

We wanted to take a month to celebrate the fur babies of Australia by creating a catalogue (View Here) that is aimed at promoting animal care, happiness, and good ownership. Branded merchandise adheres to the basic standards of advertising, needing to be the right product, to the right person at the right time. Pet owners are a dedicated demographic, fiercely loyal and accustom to daily routines with their pets. This creates a perfect opportunity to place your brand into a high exposure environment surrounded by good times and cuddles (puppy cuddles are the best).

Exploring demographics and helping our clients consider new audiences is what makes TurnKey Promotions unique. We launch custom themed catalogues every month and each one is dedicated to exploring new ways to reach your target audience. This month’s Pet Catalogue pulls at my heart strings and reminds me of a marketing manager I had the privilege of working with a few years back. She worked with a local bank and was looking for promotional merchandise to include for the opening of a new branch. Before contacting us she had conducted some preliminary research of the neighbourhood where the branch was to be located and determined that there was a very high volume of dog owners. When we met, she reported back her research and we collaborated to create a promotional gift aimed specifically at dog owners. While this might seem like an odd choice for a bank, it was well thought out, targeted and ensured a successful opening event for the bank. Exploring demographics can really make a difference to your promotional product campaign. If we dive deeper into the 61% of households owning pets we will find that 64% of those pet owners are female and 65% are from households with incomes of $50,000 or more. Diving a little further we can also find that 75% of those aged 18-24 are pet owners (Gen Z) and 66% of those aged 40-54 are also pet owners (Gen X). In fact, over three-quarters of families with children ages 6 or older also report back as pet owners.

Remember your target audiences can be bound together with beautiful strings like owning a pet.

Branded pet products is a growing trend in the promotional industry, but we searched far and wide within our supply chain and put our findings into an easy to browse catalogue just for you.

If you’re looking to bring something new to your next event or promotion you can always count on us to help you stay on target and outside of the box

Celebrating the Urban Explorer

In his book Cities & Countries, Roman Payne wrote “ Cities were always like people, showing their varying personalities to the traveler. Depending on the city and on the traveler, there might begin a mutual love, or dislike, friendship, or enmity. Where one city will rise a certain individual to glory, it will destroy another who is not suited to its personality. Only through travel can we know where we belong or not, where we are loved and where we are rejected.”

I implore all the travel lovers to unite, as we all know this to be true. There are cities we fall in love with, places we’ll never forget and of course those of we will never travel to again. It’s these affairs with amazing cities that inspired the release of a collection dedicated to urban life and exploring. Who are we? Where are we going? How do we get to and from work? How do we Celebrate? Travel and pass the time?

Our newest collection “Urban” is a celebration of the urban explorer in each of us. Be it the day to day commute to work, the reset lunch breaks we’ve all learned are priceless, or how we create the most memorable days off, it’s about the journey. We have all spent time and energy in planning out our daily adventures and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated.

Welcome to the tangible story of urban explorers, from a yoga instructor and a PHD student who only eats organic, to the CEO of a tech start-up and let’s not forget the conservative executive who sometimes gets lost (we all know one). The items we are showcasing are the essentials we carry with us to take on each day.

Loaded with practical products for professionals living in or around the hustle and bustle of a metro. Commuting to work or weekend riding by bike? Flashing reflectors and indication coded lights are a must have! Squeezing a workout in, before or after work? Quick dry travel towels, smartphone armbands and Bluetooth earbuds to the rescue! Battery running low after an hour of social media on the tram (we can all relate to some degree). Grab an upgraded power pack, you know the ones that can actually completely recharge your phone? Yeah one of those.

I wanted to bring a bit of funk and feel to this selection of products and remind all of the brands out there looking to stay connected with their target audience, don’t forget about practical acts of endearment. A quick dry travel towel may not sound like the most thrilling product you’ve ever come across, but I promise you I’ve been to the gym (allegedly… proof is still out). I’ve seen the daily regulars toting the same drink bottle and towel each and every day. It’s an item they have incorporated into their daily journey and is with them when they need it. I can’t think of a better place for your brand to be, can you? Check out our Urban Catalogue Here

Are You Eco-Living or Just Eco-Dreaming?

( Sharpen. Write. Repeat. Then Plant. Pencils with a dual purpose)

Four ways to embrace eco friendly items and incorporate them into your marketing.

Live it.

One of the best ways to promote reusing, recycling and reducing is to live by example. Make sure all of the products you are selecting haven’t been “green washed’ and actually are providing a positive impact on the environment. A lot of items are marketed as ecofriendly, but to really embrace the idea we encourage you to get invested into the “why” and link that back into your branding. If you are branding a water bottle, consider placing an inspirational phrase on the reverse side. Something as simple as “Fill. Drink. Repeat” has a massive impact and reminds the recipient that the item is reusable. You can also find products that speak for themselves and we’ve included a few in our newest catalogue “Eco Living”. A perfect example is the reforest jute tote bags. For every 100 units sold the manufacturer arranges a tree to be planted within reforestation areas of Australia. To help illustrate this program we have added a small recycled tag to the bag straps which alerts recipients to the program. Contributing to good initiatives creates good vibes and this is exactly the association you want with your brand. Another great option in our catalogue are the water bottles crafted from sugar cane. Each bottle has a stock sugar cane graphic printed along the base which helps celebrate the natural materials used to create the bottles. In addition, the bottle supplier is actively contributing to a clean water charitable fun and each bottle sold helps to provide clean water for three months to one person in the Central African Republic.

Plant it.

Connecting back to nature creates a genuine sense of giving back to the environment. Items that can be planted or placed in gardens are a great way to get your brand involved. Select an interactive item like potted plants, a butterfly or bee hotel (featured in our catalogue) and your brand will have repeat exposure as each unit grows. We also have an innovative pencil in this month’s catalogue that can be planted at the end of its usable life cycle. Each pencil has a water pouch built in and once planted will degrade, releasing the water and seeds. Products linked to being planted open great possibilities for brand enhancement messages like “grow with us” and “new beginnings”.

Need it.

Choose items that can be incorporated into every-day life. Most landfills are loaded with single use disposables, many of which are used and disposed daily. Coffee cups, plastic straws, and plastic bags sit at the top of this list and ecofriendly options are not only being sought by consumers but also by local state and government agencies. Bans on plastic straws and plastic bags are on the rise, along with reusable coffee cup programs which are popping up in fast moving metros. This creates the perfect time to put your brand on trend, in demand and all while staying ecofriendly. Reusable bags made from fibres like jute, cotton or cork add a natural beauty to your branding. Along with these bags, recyclable paper straws, and reusable coffee cups (especially those made of unique materials like rice husk) provide a great solution for reducing landfill. Your brand’s exposure is maximised with items used daily and if you can achieve that along with helping the environment your brand is #winning.

Gift it.

Two terms that are rarely married together are eco friendly and corporate gifting, but we’ve included a couple ideas to achieve both and take your brand to the next level. Starting with premium sunglasses that come packed with a jaw dropping backstory. Each pair is crafted from re-purposed skateboards and the results are stunning. Top of the line luxury sunglasses make the perfect summer gift and being made from skateboards is a great conversation twist. Next up is a must have tech item constructed with bamboo, organic cotton, hemp and recycled plastic. With natural crafted Bluetooth speakers your eco friendly gifting is sorted this season. These stylish 10-Watt speakers combine quality sound with a sustainable design and are sure to spark both intrigue and delight with recipients.

No matter what direction you want you want to explore, there are eco friendly initiatives at every budget level. Tiptoe into the idea or dive headfirst and start contributing to the reducing, recycling, and reusing trend wave. The demand is here, the impact is real, and your brand deserves to be placed where it matters most. We love this chapter in the promotional products story and are excited to share our newest release “Eco Living” catalogue.

Corporate Christmas Gifts

3 months to Christmas…

Should you or shouldn’t you start planning for Christmas three months out? 

Why you should? 

  1. Preparation, most of us believe is key to smooth sailing. And we all know Christmas time is where stress levels can be peaking. Getting organised early on can avoid last minute panic stations. 
  2. You have adequate time to shop around for best pricing for gifts, food, decorations, plane tickets, etc. 
  3. If you are a lover of everything Christmas, so extending one of your favourite times of the year from one day to three months, makes complete sense. 
  4. You actually love the build up / anticipation more than the day of Christmas, and therefore dedicate most of your focus on this part. 
  5. You have lots of family coming and need the 3 months prior to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the day. 
  6. Dietary requirements are not limited to one person at the table anymore. Every person and their dog has a food allergy / intolerance / preference. If you are catering, this certainly requires an excel spreadsheet. 
  7. It’s the perfect excuse to buy new stationery to help you plan and organise. If this is you, check out some of my latest favourite stationery items
  8. Well thought through gifts make an impact. Effort certainly wins people over and the judges – A Turnkey Customer Promotion that not only won over our customers but the Industry Awards. 
  9. Planning now helps you remain flexible when the last minute Christmas drinks/ catch-ups, pop-up. Waltzing in feeling stress free and completely present. 
  10. You love lists and event planning and so this is your time to shine. 

Why you shouldn’t? 

  1. Three months is a quarter of the year, and anything could change your pre-determined plans. 
  2. You potentially miss out on Spring because your head is stuck in Christmas.
  3. A gift 3 months out may seem like a good idea at the time, but fast forward 3 months, and it could become yesterday’s novelty. Some tried and trusted denim suggestions
  4. You are entering a minimalist passage in your life and are currently rethinking how you approach gift giving. Sustainable gifts may be something to think about 
  5. You have lost your Christmas spirit… This is where, I believe, self gifting comes in. Love thy self!  
  6. You are extremely introverted and find Christmas festivities unbearable and therefore do not give it more thinking time than required. 
  7. Your work life is all about planning, and so in your personal life, you take a break. If you are looking for Work Christmas gifts check – see page 23/24 of our look book for some ideas. 
  8. You are not sure if you will be here at Christmas or booking a trip away so you can avoid Christmas all together. 
  9. Christmas feels like groundhog day. Same day, different year! 
  10. You are out of Christmas gift ideas! Check out over 100+ ideas in our flip book. 

I know it may feel a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but it does make life a lot less stressful when you can plan ahead. Particularly when it comes to gift giving for customers, staff, suppliers, business partners… and particularly when the quantities are not small. Planning helps you stick to your budget, ensure stock availability, delivery and quality is spot on. 

Some interesting information on the power of gift giving, I found recently from 2018/19 Forbes article

“Detailing the return-on-investment for a business gift, Jennings reveals that C-suite executives are especially impacted by a gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection, which 94% of top executives believe is important to business success. Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits. “Gifts humanize business,” said a survey respondent. “It pays for itself two fold,” said another.” 

Let me know if you want to talk Christmas gift giving for your customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners and/or staff. I have loads of gift ideas – both new and the classics that never falter. 

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