Giving Back

TurnKey Promotions is committed to giving back to the environment and to those in need.

We support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, established to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Seventeen goals address challenges we collectively face worldwide including poverty, inequality and climate change.

Plant-A-Tree Program

In June 2020, TurnKey Promotions commenced a partnership with Carbon Neutral to help “turn our emissions into trees” and contribute to local reforestation.

For every order of 50 notebooks, TurnKey Promotions commits to planting one tree.  An order of 500 notebooks for instance, will plant ten trees.

To date, with the ongoing support of our clients, TurnKey Promotions has proudly planted a total of 615 native trees and shrubs. More than one third of these (215) were planted in the twelve months leading up to 30 June 2023.

StreetWork Australia

For every order placed, TurnKey Promotions donates a portion (not less than 1% of all sales revenue ex. GST) of the proceeds to StreetWork Australia so that they can continue to support vulnerable youth in the community through mentoring programs, workshops and hands-on education.

In 2023, donations to StreetWork Australia from TurnKey Promotions translated into almost $60,000 in benefits to the community.

Good 360

TurnKey Promotions is a partner of Good360, whose mission is to “ensure the excess goods and services businesses produce every year flow to people in need, rather than going to waste and stressing people, communities and the planet.” Their goal is for nothing useful to lie unused.

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