Not Just Another Cap!

Unless you need to grab a hat quickly to protect you from the sun, when attending to your garden, the choice in your ‘Cap’ wear is very intentional. There a thousands of hats to choose from. The quality varies significantly. So when choosing a Cap to represent your brand, choose wisely. Cheap cap, will mean less likely to be worn in public – because it doesn’t feel good and doesn’t look good. And therefore your leverage opportunity to creating awareness is substantially reduced.

When going down the ‘Cap’ path things to consider:

  • Material quality – does it feel good
  • Stitching – prominent or discrete
  • Durability – will it last a lifetime
  • Style – Visor, Basketball, SnapBack, all weather proof.
  • Colour – So loud you cannot miss it or too cool for school.
  • Branding – how big or how small
  • Ask yourself, what are you trying to achieve. The gift of a branded ‘cap’ is more than a gift. It’s a statement that someone is saying about themselves every time they wear your ‘Cap’.

A Cap is such a small item, and yet it can be so significant. If you get it right, it will be the ‘Cap’ that keeps giving back.

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