Eco-Friendly Marketing and Promotions

TurnKey Promotions are dedicated to helping businesses make a positive impact on the environment through eco-friendly, sustainable marketing initiatives. From recycled materials to organic fabrics, we offer a range of sustainable alternatives that allow you to effectively promote your brand while reducing your ecological footprint.

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New Product or Service Launch

Launching a new product or service? Amplify the marketing of the launch by adding an eye-catching, creative promotional product to gift to new or existing clients. Our expansive range gives you the freedom to choose the perfect product for your target audience. Whether it’s a tech gadget, a stylish accessory, or an everyday tool, the key is to select a product that resonates with your clients and aligns with your brand identity.

Client Gifts

Did you know that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one? While offering a superior product or service at a competitive price is certainly the cornerstone to a strong business relationship, surprising your clients with branded gifts can also encourage loyalty. By going the extra mile and providing your customers with thoughtful and personalised gifts, you create a lasting impression that sets your business apart from competitors.

Events, Conferences and Trade Shows

Whether you are organising your own event or sponsoring one, it is crucial to make a lasting impression by selecting the right promotional product. This way, you can ensure that the audience remembers your company even after the event concludes. By selecting a branded gift or promotional item that aligns with the interests and preferences of your target audience, you and your brand can make a big statement and leave an impression that endures.

Corporate Apparel and Uniforms

To maintain a strong brand presence, it is crucial to provide your team and customers with company clothing that looks and feels great. By offering a range of attractive jackets, polo shirts, or even branded luggage, you not only promote your brand, but also make your employees feel appreciated and rewarded.

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