Putting Brands into the Hands of Students

In the era of blogs, social media, and Stan, there isn’t really a centralised place for students to congregate, except on campuses. This creates a unique opportunity for advertisers and brands to target an audience of students. Ad placement can be an attractive option and is typically a quick and easy fix, but it can also be incredibly fragmented. While most students are caught up in socialising and thinking about their next class, are the ads even being seen?

This is where branded merchandise holds an excellent vantage point. Providing students with products they can use, both at home and at school, is the best way to create brand exposure within this audience. Students are operating on limited time and funding which makes them incredibly open to free assistance and support. Where one student might walk blindly past a wall banner for setting up a new bank account, that same student may stop to grab a kit of free pencils with the same information included inside. Getting your message into the hands of students isn’t’ hard, just make sure the message is quite literally “in their hands.”

This month we are exploring a perfect approach to student marketing and have constructed a catalogue full of amazing ideas. Mix and match colour options allow you to stay within branding guidelines or play into the colours of a school while showcasing items like coffee cups, water bottles and tumblers. Or look at public transport, which is often discounted or free to students, and explore branded RFID blocking merchandise designed to hold transport cards and student ID’s. We have also included top supply staples like pencil/pen pouches and notebooks which all students are in constant need of.

Looking to tap into the sustainability trend being fuelled by Gen Z? In October we launched “Eco-Living” which was a catalogue dedicated to eco-friendly merchandise available with custom branding. This is an excellent way to interact with students in 2020 and if you haven’t had a chance, take a quick browse through this catalogue by clicking here.

In short, when you’re looking to create school spirit, or highlight your brand amongst students, make sure you are putting that message into their hands. Three simple steps, show your support, give back and get noticed on campus.

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