APPA Trade Show

The awards night is part of the two day industry only trade show, where we come together to present and discuss the latest promotional products. 

Environmentally friendly is trending in our industry. There are different segments within this sustainable / environmental category, which include: 

REUSABLE – Moving from single use to life time usage. Both natural (wheat husk, rice husk, corn starch, bamboo fibre) and plastic  materials are being used to create these products. Some of the products include coffee cups, bottles, bags. 

RECYCLABLE – Glass, paper, plastics.

REDUCED – Products that are not entirely made up of plastic, and include bio-degradable (Under AS 4736-2006 a product can only be claimed biodegradeable if it can achieve 90% of biodegration of plastic materials in180 days) materials. We are seeing this percentage continuing to increase.

RECOVERED – This is where waste product that was previously discarded is recovered and reworked to create various products. Corn starch and wheat starch are examples of materials that are being recovered.

PERSONALISATION AND CUSTOMISATION – This is definitely not going away. Manufacturers are creating flexibility in their process to cater for this growing market. Everyone wants a ‘one-off’, special, unique and the promotional products industry is doing a great job of building their capabilities to align with this growing segment.

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